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An Amazing Discovery

Yesterday morning,  I stumbed upon a website called Abruzzo Heritage, which I had never seen before. (I still can not get over the fact that I missed this!).  On the site, they have some general content that is available to the public. But if you join the site, you have access to a "reserved area" which has various geneology indexes from the Abruzzo region -- many dating back to the 1700's. (The civil records which are available through the Morman Church typically start at 1810.) 

I was particularly interested in the records from the Provence of Chieti (where Serramonacesca and San Salvo are located) and the Provence of Pescara (where Popoli is located).  There is an index called Status Animarum San Salvo 1839-1846, which indexes the head of each family in the town.  Among the names I found were:

  1. Raffaele di Loreto (di Carunchio = from Carunchio), who is my Great Great Great Great  Grandfather. He married Sabia Manacelli in San Salvo in 1834. (I need to look up the marriage certificate to get the exact date.) Anna Quintilia D'Orazio Cervone's mother was a Loreto.
  2. Fedele di Loreto (di Carunchio = from Carunchio), who I am presuming is his brother.
  3. Giacomo D'Orazio (di Serramonacesca = from Serramonacesca), who is my Great Great Great Great Granfather.  He married Maria Saveria Lattanzia. (I do not have the date or place of their marriage as of yet, but I am assuming they that were married around 1820.) He was Anna Quintilia D'Orazio Cervone's paternal Grandfather.